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Dark Souls III - Exclusive Double LP

This product is no longer available

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Light my fire

  • Double LP of some of your favorite Dark Souls III music
  • Albums are a wispy grey and black color
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive!

It's a pretty long journey going around and killing all the Lords of Cinder. Or walking all that way and then getting killed by them. Probably a little bit of both. Regardless, it's a good thing the soundtrack is so amazing so we can at least enjoy that while we slowly creep up towards that triple digit death count.

Relive your fondest memories of dying horrible deaths with the Dark Souls III soundtrack. Don't worry, you won't die while just listening to it. Well, okay. No promises.

Product Specifications
  • Dark Souls II - Exclusive Double LP
  • Officially-licensed Dark Souls merchandise
  • Two vinyl albums of some of your favorite songs from Dark Souls III
  • Album jacket features classic Dark Souls III cover art
  • Vinyl comes in a wispy grey and black color, a ThinkGeek exclusive
Track Listing

Side A
01 Premonition 2:01
03 Prologue 3:11
04 Firelink Shrine 3:08
05 Iudex Gundyr 2:19
06 Vordt of the Boreal Valley 3:12

Side B
07 Curse-rotted Greatwood 1:58
08 Crystal Sages 2:16
09 Deacons of the Deep 2:24
10 High Lord Wolnir 3:03
11 Pontiff Sulyvahn 2:40
12 Dancer of the Boreal Valley 3:02

Side C
13 Dragonslayer Armour 3:27
14 Old Demon King 2:03
15 Oceiros, the Consumed King 3:03
16 Ancient Wyvern 2:04
17 Nameless King 2:21
18 Abyss Watchers 2:27
19 Yhorm the Giant 3:32
20 Aldritch, Devourer of Gods 3:04

Side D
21 Lorian, Elder Prince | Lothric, Younger Prince 2:30
22 Soul of Cinder 5:52
23 Secret Betrayal 2:49
24 Epilogue 6:47
25 E3 2015 Debut Trailer 2:19

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