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Dark Souls II - Exclusive Double LP

You'll go hollow like the rest

  • Double LP of some of your favorite Dark Souls II music
  • Albums are a deep red color
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive!


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You'll go hollow like the rest

Don't worry - as your life bar goes down and down, death after death, you can drown out all the expletives you're saying with some good tunes. They may be the same tunes that you're listening to as you die repeatedly, but that is beside the point.

Relive your fondest memories of dying horrible deaths with the Dark Souls II soundtrack. Don't worry, you won't die while just listening to it. Well, okay. No promises.

Product Specifications
  • Dark Souls II - Exclusive Double LP
  • Officially-licensed Dark Souls merchandise
  • Two vinyl albums of some of your favorite songs from Dark Souls II
  • Album jacket features classic Dark Souls II cover art
  • Vinyl comes in a beautiful red color, a ThinkGeek exclusive
Track Listing

Side A
1. Departure (1:22)
2. Fire Keepers (2:11)
3. Majula (3:16)
4. The Last Giant (2:04)
5. The Pursuer (2:09)
6. Old Dragonslayer (1:43)

Side B
7. Dragonrider (2:00)
8. Sparring (0:11)
9. Flexile Sentry (1:39)
10. Ruin Sentinel (2:24)
11. Belfry Gargoyle (2:08)
12. The Lost Sinner (2:11)
13. Executioner's Chariot (1:16)
14. Duel (0:11)
15. Skeleton Lord (1:30)

Side C
16. Covetous Demon (0:43)
17. Mytha, the Baneful Queen (2:28)
18. Old Iron King (1:54)
19. Scorpioness Najka (1:44)
20. Royal Rat Authority (2:14)
21. The Duke's Dear Freja (1:56)
22. Royal Rat Vanguard (0:59)
23. The Rotten (2:03)
24. Queen of Drangleic (2:12)
25. Looking Glass Knight (2:33)
26. Darklurker (2:00)
27. Milfanito (2:31)
28. Demon of Song (1:31)

Side D
29. Velstadt, the Royal Aegis (2:15)
30. King Vendrick (3:03)
31. Throne Defender,Throne Watcher (2:30)
32. Guardian Dragon (1:53)
33. Ancient Dragon (2:28)
34. Nashandra (3:08)
35. Longing (6:36)

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