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Dark Souls I - Exclusive Double LP

This product is no longer available

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Prepare to die

  • Double LP of some of your favorite Dark Souls music
  • Albums are a light blue color
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive!

Video game music can put a powerful spell on us. We still have nightmares about Ornstein and Smough. The music actually gives us chills because of all the deaths caused by these big boys. We said profanities that we didn't even know were in our vocabulary. So, yeah, the game is pretty amazing. 10 out of 10. Would die again.

Relive your fondest memories of dying horrible deaths with the Dark Souls I soundtrack. Don't worry, you won't die just listening to it. Well, okay. No promises.

Product Specifications
  • Dark Souls I - Exclusive Double LP
  • Officially-licensed Dark Souls merchandise
  • Two vinyl albums of some of your favorite songs from the original Dark Souls
  • Album jacket features the classic Dark Souls cover art
  • Vinyl comes in a beautiful light blue color, a ThinkGeek exclusive
Track Listing

Side A
1. Prologue (3:41)
2. Firelink Shrine (2:17)
3. Taurus Demon (2:12)
4. Bell Gargoyle (2:20)
5. Pinwheel (1:52)
6. Gaping Dragon (2:23)
7. Chaos Witch Quelaag (2:12)
8. Daughters of Chaos (2:16)

Side B
9. Iron Golem (2:16)
10. Ornstein & Smough (2:16)
11. Gwynevere, Princess of Sunlight (2:17)
12. Great Grey Wolf Sif (2:29)
13. Ceaseless Discharge (2:13)
14. Centipede Demon (2:21)
15. Four Kings (2:04)
16. Seath the Scaleless (2:20)

Side C
17. Gravelord Nito (2:36)
18. Bed of Chaos (2:29)
19. The Ancient Dragon (2:45)
20. Crossbreed Priscilla (2:20)
21. Dark Sun Gwyndolin (2:13)
22. Gwyn, Lord of Cinder (2:40)

Side D
23. Nameless Song (6:36)
24. Sanctuary Guardian (2:31)
25. Knight Artorias (3:14)
26. Battle of Stoicism (2:13)
27. Manus, Father of the Abyss (3:20)
28. Kalameet (3:20)

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