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Joker Never-Ending Mother's Day Card with Glitter

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Everlasting Love for Your Momma

  • One press of a button releases hours of baby cries
  • A second press of the button makes it louder
  • Every card comes set to "safe" mode

It's time to pay Mom back for everything she's done for us. She made sure we ate healthy foods instead of gorging ourselves on cheesy puffs and cola. She taught us about economics by issuing a "fry tax" on our french fries. She taught us to show gratitude by making sure we wore that itchy, ugly sweater whenever we went to see the kind relative who knitted it for us. Thanks, Mom. You're really responsible for who we've become today. We just want you to know that, especially when you open this Mother's Day card.

Grab this Mother's Day card, write an endearing message, pull the tab (not unlike a grenade), and deliver it. Once your mom presses the indicated space, the sweet, sweet sounds of a baby wailing will descend upon her for the next three hours. That's right! THREE HOURS. Pressing the button again will only make the baby cries louder! Not even a dunk under water will end the wailing sound. And when she rips the card apart to desperately try to quell the screeching? She'll be met with a glitter bomb of hearts!

What better way to remind your mother of your precious, wonderful early days together, way back when? We won't hear of a better way. Mostly because we've put our ear plugs in.

Product Specifications
  • Joker Never-Ending Mother's Day Card with Glitter
  • Plays baby crying sounds non-stop (open or closed!) for THREE HOURS!
  • Perfect card for the mom who has been pestering you about grandchildren
  • Water resistant!
  • Front reads "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY" over a patch of flowers
  • Inside reads "I will always be your sweet little baby."
  • Plays an obnoxious baby cry when pressed.
  • Has glitter inside
  • Joker Card will not stop until the battery dies or your victim destroys it
  • If your recipient presses the indicated space again, the card gets just a little bit louder
  • Great card for the mom who can take a joke
  • Card has a safe mode that allows you to sample the sound and write a message

Joker Never-Ending Mother's Day Card with Glitter Video:

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