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The Metagame

This product is no longer available

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Everyone Has an Opinion

  • Party game that gets you talking
  • 6 unique games for 2-50+ players
  • 200 Culture Cards and 100 Opinion Cards

We live in fear of awkward silences. A party invitation comes our way, and we cringe. Not because we don't like the host, or even the other people who were invited. But because we can just picture ourselves, standing by the bowl of chips, at a loss for what to say to some strangers or acquaintances. Nice party, huh? These chips sure are good. ... Don't mind me, I'll just be putting this chip bag over my head and trying to make myself as small as possible so that no one can see me...

But we're smart. Our friends are smart, and the friends of our friends are smart, too. There's a fun conversation hiding inside of us, if we just have the right way to get discussion juices flowing. Enter The Metagame: the ultimate cure for awkward silences. It's six unique party games in one deck, all designed to spark conversations about everything from high art to trashy entertainment... and everything in between. It's not about knowing facts or trivia - it's about having opinions and sharing them. Because we've met you. We know you all have opinions!
Product Specifications
  • The Metagame
  • 200 Culture Cards, 100 Opinion Cards, 6 unique conversation-starting games
  • For 2-50+ players
  • Most of the formats work best with 2-6 players. Others can be played with more. One of them - Massively Multiplayer Metagame - is designed for big parties and events. (Each basic set can support up to 50 Massively Multiplayer Metagame players.)
  • Ages 14+
  • Play time: 10 minutes, give or take, depending on the format you choose
  • Mechanic: Creative judgement
  • The six ways to play are:
    • Matchmakers (3+ players) - Each round, match your hand of culture cards to everyone else's opinion cards.
    • Head-to-Head (3+ players) - A high-speed battle of wits for three. You and your opponents race to put your cards on the table.
    • History 101 (2+ players) - Get your dates straight with this game where you must put culture in the right chronology.
    • Metaquilt (3-7 players) - It has strategy. It has debate. And it turns your tabletop into a crazy quilt of culture. Lose all your cards to win.
    • Debate Club (5+ players) - Loudmouths rule. Survive each round by arguing for your card. If the critics don't like what you say, you are knocked out and become a critic too.
    • Massively Multiplayer Metagame (5-50+ players) A highly social Metagame. Play it over dinner conversation or at big parties and events. Like the name says, it works with hundreds or even thousands of players.
  • Includes:
    • 200 culture cards featuring civilization's greatest achievements. Like the Mona Lisa. Or Ms. Pac­Man.
    • 100 opinion cards that say things like "Which feels like first love?" or "Which is a sign of the apocalypse?"
    • Instructions for six unique games.

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