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Harry Potter House Wax Seals

Hogwarts House Pride

  • Diecast metal seals featuring House mascots
  • Sealing wax in House colors is included
  • Perfect for your HP wedding invitations!


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Hogwarts House Pride

Next time you write a letter (with a quill, fountain pen, rubber stamps, typewriter, or by computer printout), seal the envelope with a wax seal fashioned after your designated or favorite Hogwarts House. With four seals available, one per house, you can indicate to your letter recipients into which House you have been sorted. Each diecast seal is about 4 inches long and includes a House shield on the stamp portion. Seal handles include the House mascot standing on a perch along with the shield.

If you're new to wax seals, this is how they work. First, write your letter and fold it closed (or insert it into an envelope). Next, light the wick on one of the colors of sealing wax (included). As the wax melts, drip it onto the edge of the envelope flap. Once enough wax has pooled, press the wax seal firmly into the wax. This will create an impression of the House shield and will seal your letter closed. Now, if anyone breaks the seal of your letter, you will know. Alas, owls are not included.

Product Specifications
  • Harry Potter House Wax Seals
  • Officially-licensed Harry Potter merchandise
  • Seals create a House shield impression in melted wax to seal letters
  • Handles also include the shield and the House mascot
  • Choose Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin
  • 2 sticks of sealing wax in House colors and labeled with House name included
  • For letter writers and Harry Potter devotees
  • Perfect for friends to send secret messages
  • Or your fantasy-themed wedding invitations
  • Sorry, owls not included
  • If actually sending by post, place sealed envelope inside a conventional one (that way the wax won't pop off in transit)
  • Materials: Diecast metal, wax
  • Dimensions: Approximately 4" long
  • Includes wax seal and two sticks of sealing wax in House colors

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