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King of the Castle Pouch

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Misty Reigns Here

  • From the mad geniuses at Irregular Choice
  • A glittering magical unicorn rules this kingdom
  • Zippered top keeps all your mystical objects safe

Small magical bags that can hold more than they seem have a history that extends way before the modern fantasy story. In the 12th century Welsh epic the Mabinogion, the goddess Rhiannon enchanted a small bag so that it could never be filled by normal means, in order to get out of marrying a dude (he was her former fiancé, but he tricked her new fiancé in order to get her back even though she didn't want to be gotten back, it was a whole thing). Rhiannon was also known for riding beautiful white horses and was strongly associated with the horse goddess Epona, lest you think we're just going off on a tangent about magical bags and Welsh goddesses.

We know you love small magical bags that can hold more than you think, and pretty white horses (especially when those horses are actually unicorns with shining shimmering glitter manes), so we worked with Irregular Choice to make this King of the Castle pouch just for you. Featuring IC's classic Misty the Unicorn character, ruling over an adorable little castle of love. It'll hold all the essentials - just like magic - and keep them safe behind a zipper top with glitter heart end tabs. Misty rules!

Product Specifications
  • King of the Castle Pouch
  • From the mad geniuses at Irregular Choice
  • A ThinkGeek collaboration & exclusive
  • Keep your essentials safe and sound under Misty the Unicorn's rule
  • Pastel variegated fabric with appliqué and embroidery details on one side
  • Shimmer fabric and glitter, too
  • Plain pastel variegated fabric on the reverse side
  • Zippered top closure with glitter heart end tabs
  • Fully-lined fabric interior
  • Materials: Fabric with PU accents
  • Dimensions: 8.7” wide x 6.3” tall

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