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Doctor Who 8 in. Ceramic Plate Set of 4

Guess Who's coming to dinner

  • Imagine how many Jelly Babies you could fit on an 8" plate!
  • Made of sturdy, timeless ceramic
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe, in accordance with the Shadow Proclamation

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Guess Who's coming to dinner

It's hard to imagine that the Doctor ever sits down for a proper meal, what with all his adventuring through time and space. Though he is a Time Lord, so he should be able to make time for anything! At the very least, he can probably find the time to microwave a burrito on his way back to save the Earth from another galactic threat. It can't just be Jelly Babies scavenged from coat pockets all the time, can it?

Not that we're judging. We've eaten plenty of things we randomly found in our pockets. And when we're in the mood for a burrito, we reach for these ceramic plates to really class the whole meal up. Not only are they microwave and dishwasher safe, but they are a lovely shade of Whovian blue and feature Gallifreyan script in the middle of each plate. There are 4 plates in the set, so you'll have extras in case you need to throw one at an invading Judoon. Just don't throw the one with the burrito, because that would be tragic. Not Rose-trapped-in-another-dimension tragic, but you know... still pretty sad.
Product Specifications
  • Doctor Who 8" Ceramic Plates Set of 4
  • Officially-licensed Doctor Who merchandise
  • Designed for hungry Whovians and anyone expecting a Time Lord over for dinner
  • Set of 4 plates, to serve 4 companions
  • Capacity: a plateful of Jelly Babies or the equivalent in fish fingers and custard
  • Materials: ceramic
  • Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe. Microwave safe.
  • Dimensions: 8" diameter

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