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Star Wars Boba Fett Flora Pouch

This product is no longer available

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Danger in paradise

  • Sturdy nylon pouch with top zip closure
  • Holds pens, coins, cosmetics, even the braids of your enemies
  • Pattern is a limited-time ThinkGeek exclusive from Loungefly

We assume jungles are sort of like Australia: filled with critters that will absolutely murder you. That vine? Oh, it's a snake that wants to eat you. Those eyes? Probably a hungry jaguar. That bright, beautiful frog? It's poisonous. And if the print on this nifty nylon pouch is any indication, we can add bounty hunters to the list of deadly things you might find lurking in the leaves. Not just any bounty hunter, but one of the deadliest bounty hunters in this or any galaxy (far, far away): Boba Fett.

Which is kind of a relief, really. With Fett, at least there's always the possibility that he needs to take you alive (plus or minus a little light carbonite-freezing). And really, isn't having a bounty on your head a bit of an ego-boost? With his Mandalorian armor, Fett can easily blend into the foliage - and so can this handy little pouch! So fill it with coins, cosmetics or anything you'd like to keep safe in the wild... and then maybe invest in some camo armor for yourself. Seriously, it's a jungle out there.

Product Specifications
  • Star Wars Boba Fett Flora Pouch
  • Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise
  • Let this blaster-toting bounty hunter protect your necessities
  • Top zip closure
  • Perfect for coins, cosmetics, pens, the braids of fallen prey. You know, the usual.
  • Capacity: a veritable bounty
  • Materials: nylon
  • Dimensions: 8" wide x 4.5" tall

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