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Mechanical DIY Blooming Flower Ballerina

Hold My Jewelry, Tiny Dancer!

  • Flower opens and closes as you turn the base
  • 101 pieces are scored and ready for you to punch out and put together
  • A great project for makers young and old

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Hold My Jewelry, Tiny Dancer!

Turn the base and the petals of this blooming flower open up, revealing a tiny dancing ballerina - who can hold your rings - or the tree of luck - who has a spot for a treasured bracelet. With two options for the centerpiece of this mechanical wonder, its owner can change them around as they desire. But first, you must assemble this flower by following the detailed instructions, punching out and putting together the beautifully designed leaves, petals, and gear mechanism. The gorgeous result can then be displayed open, closed, or somewhere in between. At just over five inches wide, it can easily fit on a dresser or nightstand.

This blooming flower is the perfect gift to pre-assemble and hide a piece of jewelry or other small token inside, allowing the recipient to twist the base for the reveal. Made from premium grade plywood, the 101 pieces are scored and ready for you to punch out and put together. It's a fun project that requires no tools (although you may wish to have a craft knife handy and a small hammer to help things fit). We recommend that little kids have adult supervision, to help understand instructions, provide brute force, and to keep the smaller pieces from snapping. Once carefully assembled, enjoy the precise gear movements which open and close the flower whenever you feel so moved.
Product Specifications
  • Mechanical DIY Blooming Flower Ballerina
  • Turn the base and the flower blooms
  • Flower opens to reveal a ballerina or the tree of luck
  • Ballerina can hold your favorite rings
  • Tree of luck can display a special bracelet
  • Ideal for flower or jewelry lovers who appreciate mechanical toys
  • Pieces are precut and ready to assemble
  • Number of Parts: 101
  • Assembly Time: 1-2 hours
  • Materials: Premium grade plywood
  • Dimensions: 5.12" x 5.12" x 6.3" finished size
  • Includes plywood sheets with 101 laser-scored parts to punch out and instructions
  • No glue needed!
  • Craft knife not required but may help removing pieces from sheets cleanly, and you may want to wax the gears if you use it a lot
  • Kids under 12 will probably need an adult to assist

Mechanical DIY Blooming Flower Ballerina Video:

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