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Trick Question

This product is no longer available

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Put on Your Thinking Cap!

  • A fast-paced game of riddles and clever thinking
  • Your critical thinking skills are a must
  • For 3+ players, age 14 and up

We hope your critical thinking skills are limber and ready to go for when you play Trick Question: The Clever Game of Quick Wit! Designed for three or more players, teams (or individuals, if you have three players) read questions and then fight to see which team must answer! But be careful... These are trick questions. The obvious answer may not be the correct one. It's trivia with a twist!

To play, one person reads a question. Then everyone, including the reader, scrambles to grab the US! or the THEM! totem. This determines which team needs to answer the question before the sand timer runs out. If you choose the US! totem and answer it correctly, your team gets a tile. Be careful about forcing the other team to answer, however: if the other team answers correctly, they get two tiles instead of one. The first team to collect ten tiles wins! And scores the bragging rights forever after.
Product Specifications 
  • Trick Question: The Clever Game of Quick Wit—Served with a Twist!
  • For 3+ players
  • Ages 14+
  • Includes:
    • 400 Trick Questions
    • 2 Trickster Totems
    • 32 Scoring Tiles
    • Sand Timer

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