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Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Monopoly

This product is no longer available

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Two-time galaxy savers play dirty

Two-time galaxy savers can really jack up their prices, so there is no better time to be a Guardian of the Galaxy playing a fierce game of Monopoly! Recruit your best team of misfits and be ready for a fight over who gets the Baby Groot token!

It's game time, a-holes! Everyone's favorite band of space-saving misfits are back for another spin around the board with this special Guardian-ized version of the classic table top game. Frankly we were expected a more leafy green version of the game, but apparently they aren't actually called the "Gardens of the Galaxy." (What? It's an easy mistake to make! Especially with Groot in the lineup.)

Players can recruit characters from both Guardians of the Galaxy films as they collect bounties and double-cross opponents like a real Star-Lord. In fact, the characters are featured on the custom board in place of the traditional locations like Park Place and Boardwalk... so basically you can buy Yondu (makes sense) or even collect The Collector. And instead of houses or hotels, you can give the characters "Gear" and "Equipment." Because you don't need hotels to save the galaxy. You need really big guns. And speaking of guns, Rocket's Blaster is one of the custom player tokens, along with Star-Lord's Mask, Gamora's Sword, Mantis, Baby Groot, and a totally awesome Cassette Player (which you'll probably have to explain to any players under the age of 20). So get ready to call dibs on that Groot token and remember: you may only get one chance to save the galaxy twice, but you can play Monopoly as often as you like! And you're really gonna be able to jack up your prices if you're a two-time galaxy saver...

Product Specifications
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Monopoly
  • Officially-licensed Marvel merchandise
  • For 2-6 players
  • Ages 8+
  • Play time: 60-240 minutes
  • Mechanic: Auction/Bidding, Roll and Move, Set Collection, Trading
  • Includes:
    • Custom game board featuring characters from both Guardians films
    • 6 Custom Figural Tokens: Star-Lord's Mask, Baby Groot, Rocket's Blaster, Gamora's Sword, Mantis, Cassette Player
    • Houses are renamed "Gear" and Hotels are renamed "Equipment"
    • Community Chest is renamed "Awesome Mix Vol 1" and Chance is renamed "Awesome Mix Vol 2"
    • Custom themed MONOPOLY® Money
    • Instructions

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