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Joker Never-Ending NSFW Greeting Card with Glitter

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

This page may be NSFW

  • One press of a button releases hours of sound
  • A second press of the button makes it louder
  • Every card comes set to "safe" mode

We're going to start off by pointing out that we're factual in our description of this product, because we figure you should know exactly what you're potentially buying. That means that although there aren't any risqué photos on this page, it has some naughty words on it which your workplace (or you personally) may or may not approve of. So you probably want to go away if that's the case.

Still here? Okay. So this prank greeting card works how our others do: Recipient opens card. It plays something embarrassing (in this case, a woman moaning orgasmically). Recipient closes card. It continues to play embarrassing sound. Recipient pushes indicated button inside to shut sound off. It continues to play embarrassing sound, only now at a slightly louder volume. Recipient tries to rip card up. Card continues to play AND rewards recipient with confetti (in this case shaped like penises). Basically, if you're looking to exact revenge upon that guy who stole your underwear at the gym? This is your card.

Product Specifications
  • Joker Never-Ending NSFW Greeting Card
  • Plays sound non-stop (open or closed!) for THREE HOURS!
  • Front of the card reads "You Lucky Dawg!!"
  • You fill in the speech bubble on the inside with "Happy birthday!" or "Happy boss's day!" or "Congrats for passing HR Appropriate Workplace Behavior training!"
  • A great prank for stag parties
  • Plays the sound of a woman moaning orgasmically
  • Joker Card will not stop until the battery dies or your victim destroys it
  • If your recipient presses the indicated space again, the card gets just a little bit louder
  • Water resistant
  • If the recipient tries to rip it up, they'll be rewarded with penis-shaped confetti
  • Card has a safe mode that allows you to sample the sound and write a message

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