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The Periodic Table of Cocktails

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Margaritas are our Oxygen

  • Over 100 cocktails, organized by alcohol and style
  • Includes background history and recipes for each drink
  • Remember: study hard and drink responsibly

What if the basic building blocks of our universe were delicious liquor concoctions? Bartenders would be our priests/scientists/shamans. Every item in the world would hold the ability to get you drunk... EVEN YOUR OWN BODY. This book isn't a dive into that boozy alt-reality because frankly, that would be too ridiculous. This book is something even better: a fun, concise compendium of cocktails with foolproof recipes!

Instead of Helium, Hydrogen or Carbon, the elements in this periodic table are Negronis, Moscow Mules, and Mai Tais. Over 100 cocktails have been organized by their foundational base liquor (vodka, gin, etc.) as well as their style (Martinis and Up, Fruity/Tropical, Highballs/Muddles, etc.). If you like one drink on the chart, you'll probably like the ones that surround it, too, thanks to this clever organizational strategy. Or, if you're like us, you'll like them all! Each cocktail is also given a bit of background history and a make-it-yourself recipe, making this book both educational AND practical. And dangerously delicious. Don't forget delicious

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