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Harry Potter Gadget Decals

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Yer a wizard, 'Arry.

  • Muggle decals for your muggle devices
  • Stickers come in a mix of cream, gold, and black
  • Waterproof and removable

Showing off your fandoms and connecting with others who share said fandoms is something that brings us great joy. We had to think of an efficient way to do it though. Dressing up as our favorite characters may start to get difficult to manage, especially at work, and walking up to people at our local coffee shop and asking people one by one got us a lot of strange looks. Enter the decal. A sticker that says, "Hey, I like that thing that you like, too!" without actually having to say anything. Bonus.

The Harry Potter Gadget Decals feature muggle stickers for your electronics (meaning they don't move or anything). Rep your favorite house or stick on the entire Hogwarts coat of arms if you can't pick just one. Either way, you'll even be able to identify non-magic users and they you. Much less awkward than the previously mentioned tactics.

Product Specifications
  • Harry Potter Gadget Decals
  • Officially-licensed Warner Brothers' Harry Potter merchandise
  • Add some magic to your electronics with vinyl stickers and decals
  • Decals come in a mix of cream, gold, and black designs
  • Four pages worth of stickers!
  • Stickers are waterproof and removable
  • (Ravenclaw's a raven, so it's movie-specific)

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