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Secret Key

A winner is you

  • Don't add this to your cart unless Timmy emailed you the secret code to make it work.
  • This plus your unique promo code will allow the purchase of 1 Nintendo NES or SNES Classic Edition (as specified in your email).
  • No, srsly. If you put this in your cart but you don't have a code, our site won't let you check out.


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A winner is you

The Nintendo NES and SNES Classic Editions took the world by storm. We got a limited supply. We explained how we were going to dole them out. You entered for a chance to buy at thinkgeek.com/nes-classic-sale/. If you are one of the lucky people whom Timmy randomly selected, we sent you a code. This key in your cart plus that code at Warp Speed Checkout equals 1 Nintendo NES or SNES Classic Edition, which you can purchase.

To summarize:
  • If Timmy sent you an email about the Nintendo NES or SNES Classic Edition with a unique code, add this product to your cart.
  • If you did not receive mail from Timmy with a unique code, just leave this key alone - it's got a powerful curse on it. If you try to check out without the correct unique code, the Secret Key will curse you to be unable to complete your purchase, and that would make Timmy sad. Don't make Timmy sad.

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