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Aliens Playing Cards Gift Set

Take your poker game to the next level of terror

  • 54 card deck features custom Giger-inspired Xenomorph artwork
  • Includes a matching 1 3/4" collectible brass coin with enamel finish
  • The better your hand, the more scared you'll be!


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Take your poker game to the next level of terror

Poker is about more than strategy, it's about psychology. All those little tells people have that help you read the game. But we've got a deck of cards that can erase all that. How, you ask? By blanketing every player with a look of sheer terror as they wait for Xenomorphs to burst out of their hands!

This Aliens-themed gift set includes a 54 card deck with H.R. Giger-inspired custom artwork of different Xenomorphs on every court card. The more terrified someone looks, the higher the cards in their hand! Unless they're a Synthetic. This set also comes with a matching 1 3/4" collectible coin, made of solid brass with an enamel finish.
Product Specifications
  • Aliens Playing Cards Gift Set
  • Officially-licensed Aliens merchandise
  • 54 card deck features custom H.R. Giger-inspired Xenomorph artwork on every court card
  • It's okay to be scared when you're winning
  • Materials: Solid brass coin with enamel details
  • Care Instructions: Put the cards away carefully - you don't want an Alien sneaking off into your air ducts...
  • Dimensions: 1 3/4" diameter coin + standard poker size deck
  • Weight: 1 1/2 oz. coin

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