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Cthulhu Playing Cards Gift Set

R'lyeh fun!

  • Deck of cards contains 54 custom cards
  • Also includes a collectible Sigil of the Gateway challenge coin
  • Warning: May induce madness


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R'lyeh fun!

Do you sometimes joke that playing solitaire will drive you insane one day? Why not make that day today with this Cthulhu Playing Cards Gift Set?

This set comes with an officially-licensed deck of Call of Cthulhu playing cards and a Sigil of the Gateway collectible coin. The cards are appropriately horrific. Basically, the longer you look at them the more disgusting they become. (Thanks a lot, Shane Tyree.) And although you can use the coin as a dealer button or a card cover, we suggest you use it as a challenge coin to get free drinks out of your friends. Because nobody's going to argue with the Necronomicon.

Note: We almost went insane trying to read everybody's name in crazy font off of a paused video of the key card that came with the original Kickstarter deck because we knew you'd want to know who everybody was without having to make our customer service folks say the names outloud. They do not get hazard pay, but the monkeys at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ do after an exploding helicopter event one holiday....

Product Specifications
  • Cthulhu Playing Cards Gift Set
  • Officially-licensed use of "Call of Cthulhu" per Chaosium
  • Includes a deck of Call of Cthulhu cards and a collectible Sigil of the Gateway challenge coin
  • Coin has Albino Dragon logo on reverse
  • Use it as a dealer button, a card cover, or challenge your friends to produce one when you go out
  • Deck contains 54 custom cards featuring unique court cards and jokers
  • Intricately designed Cthulhu playing card backs (unlimited edition version)
  • Art by Shane Tyree
  • Starring Cthulhu as King of Hearts (awww)
  • With
    • King of Spades - Azathoth
    • Queen of Spades - Shub-Niggurath
    • Jack of Spades - Yog-Sothoth (possibly as one of his avatars?)
    • (King of Hearts - Cthulhu)
    • Queen of Hearts - Idh-yaa
    • Jack of Hearts - A Cthulhi
    • King of Clubs - Hastur
    • Queen of Clubs - The Haunted Lady (from "The Mound")
    • Jack of Clubs - Nyarlathotep
    • King of Diamonds - Dagon
    • Queen of Diamonds - Mother Hydra
    • Jack of Diamonds - A Deep One
  • Materials: Solid brass coin with enamel details
  • Dimensions: 1 3/4" diameter coin + standard poker size deck
  • Weight: 1 1/2 oz. coin

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