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The Demogorgon T-Shirt

This product is no longer available

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Prince of Demons

"Whenever desiring to do so, Demogorgon uses any one of the following powers: Cast Continual Darkness, charm person, create illusion, cause fear, ... ESP, ... polymorph self, ... telekinesis, ... and gate in other demons, 85% chance of success."

Mike: Something is coming. Something hungry for blood. A shadow grows on the wall behind you, swallowing you in darkness. It is almost here.
Will: What is it?
Dustin: What if it's the Demogorgon? Oh, Jesus, we're so screwed if it's the Demogorgon.
Lucas: It's not the Demogorgon.
Will: An army of troglodytes charge into the chamber!
Dustin: Troglodytes?!
Lucas: Told ya.
Mike: Wait a minute. Did you hear that? That that sound? Boom. Boom. BOOM! That didn't come from the troglodytes. No, that that came from something else.
Mike: The Demogorgon!
- "The Vanishing of Will Byer," Stranger Things

The Demogorgon. Oft dreaded. Seldom encountered (well, if you played the standard supplements). We, too, could feel the fear in the boys' gut when Mike planted that miniature on the map. Stupid magic resistance. Stupid dice. *sotto voce* Stupid 7.

The original AD&D Monster Manual artwork for the Demogorgon is featured on the front of this heather grey or black shirt. The heather grey is 90% cotton / 10% polyester. The black is 100% cotton. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Dry flat. Imported.

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