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Water Bear Large Plushie

This product is no longer available

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An Icon for Resilience in this Modern Age

  • A plush version of this microscopic marvel of nature
  • Cuter, softer, and much larger than the original
  • Please don't expose it to radiation or outer space

To say that the water bear - otherwise known as the tardigrade or even "moss piglet" - is resilient is an understatement. It can survive extreme hot and cold temperatures (one degree Kelvin above absolute zero, anyone?), the vacuum of space, extreme pressure, and deadly radiation. It can go over 30 years without food and water, almost drying out completely, only to then be rehydrated, thrive, and reproduce.

We're sorry, but not even the Honey Badger is this cool. You can now have your own gigantic super soft Water Bear Plushie, much larger than the actual water bear - which weighs in at half a millimeter - and perfect for cuddling. Since actual tardigrades are, let's face it, a bit wrinkly, this adorable plush has upped the cute factor by giving our water bear a more pleasing color, soft fabric, and large adorable eyes. Science* proves that something having larger eyes make us more likely to think it is cute and therefore take care of it (e.g., kittens, babies, etc.). But don't worry. This water bear needs no food or water - only your affection.

* https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3260535/
Product Specifications
  • Water Bear Large Plushie
  • Aka the tardigrade
  • Super soft plush, perfect for cuddling
  • For science-loving kids and adults in need of an extreme cuddle
  • Materials: All new material polyester fiber
  • Care Instructions: Surface washable
  • Dimensions: 18" long x 29" around (since you're gonna be hugging it)

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