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A Bestiary of Tolkien Coloring Book

This product is no longer available

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Relax. Color This Wraith.

  • Incredibly detailed line art
  • Horrifyingly accurate wraiths and corpses
  • Grab a glass of wine, and wind down w/ Shelob

We hear that coloring is a type of therapy for grownups. We hear that it relaxes you, takes you back to the simplicity of childhood, and reminds you that with some things in life, there are no mistakes.

What better way to de-stress than coloring every horrifying beast and ghoul that Tolkien ever created?

Kick back, grab a glass of wine, and round up all your ultra-fine colored pencils. The Tolkien Bestiary is an unofficial collection of the "beasts, monsters,flora, and fauna" of Middle Earth. You can unwind with Gollum as he's chowing down on raw fish, or with Shelob as she's inching over the skulls of the men and orcs she's eaten. Nothing calms our nerves more than the sight of Smaug the dragon breathing fire.

(Where's the crimson and persimmon? Is Timmy snatching our Sharpies?)

Oh sure, there are some Elves, some pretty flowers, an interesting bug or two - but we want the Balrog hanging on every cubicle wall in the ThinkGeek offices. "You shall not pass" - the break room door without hanging one up.

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