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Adventure Time BMO Light-Up Journal

WWBMOW? (What Would BMO Write?)

  • BMO's face lights up and flashes
  • Includes lined pages and replaceable batteries
  • Keep track of all the weird stuff that BMO does


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WWBMOW? (What Would BMO Write?)

While BMO is alone, he does weird stuff, like... well, it's weird. But mostly, it consists of teaching Football all about being a real person and not a robot. Brushing teeth, using a salt shaker, drinking tea properly - things of that nature. When Football isn't around because there's nothing shiny to reflect in, how do you think BMO writes down all the important things Football needs to know about being a totally real little boy or girl?

In this light-up Adventure Time BMO journal, of course! It's the perfect reflection of BMO, so it probably totally counts as Football in BMO's weird robot mind. And with a series of LEDs embedded in the cover, BMO's face can light right up, like maybe when Football finally gets that tea-drinking thing right. Just press the red button on the front of BMO (Or is it Football? We're so confused. BMO, why'd you have to make this so weird?) to activate the flashing lights. There's easy access to replace the batteries in the back of the front cover, and it's filled with lined pages for all of BMO's notes. Or yours!

Product Specifications
  • Adventure Time BMO Light-Up Journal
  • Lined paper journal featuring light-up BMO cover
  • LED lights around BMO's face flash when you press the red button
  • 160 sheets of lined paper
  • Batteries: 3 LR1130 batteries (included and replaceable)
  • Dimensions: 5" wide x 8" tall

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