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Dragonhenge Bracelet

Dragon Rehabilitation

  • Hinged bangle featuring a single-winged dragon that wraps around your wrist
  • Comes in a box suitable for gifting
  • He promises not to set the rest of your jewelry on fire. Much.

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Dragon Rehabilitation

You are so good to take this little dragon in. See, he isn't going to get very far with just one wing. He was spotted flying in circles over Kentucky before we relocated him to this little box in our warehouse for his own protection. Hopefully, he'll gain strength each time you wear him. And even if he can never be released, you can use him to educate kids about how dragons are a vital part of our ecosystem.

This Dragonhenge Bracelet is a dragon hinge bracelet. (We entertain ourselves by making up words.*) He has an understated matte finish, and the hinged design means he fits a wide variety of (human) wrists. Just be careful if you wear bling around this little guy. You know about dragons and their gem hoarding. They're so sparkly; he just can't help himself.

* For the purists, we're classifying this little guy as part of Class I Henges: "a roughly circular or oval-shaped bank with an internal ditch" (the gap between the bracelet and your wrist) "which have a single entrance created from a gap in the bank." [from Wikipedia's entry on Henges]

For our customers with nickel allergies: This item is a zinc alloy. It does not contain nickel.

Product Specifications
  • Dragonhenge Bracelet
  • Hinged bangle featuring a single-winged dragon that wraps around your wrist
  • Designed and manufactured exclusively for ThinkGeek
  • Comes in a box suitable for gifting
  • Materials: Zinc alloy with nickel-free plating
  • Imported
  • When closed, interior measures 6 3/4" (but you can wear it on a bigger wrist by letting it gap)
  • Hinge opens 2 1/2" across
  • Weight: 2 oz.

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