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RePhone DIY Cell Phone Kit

This product is no longer available

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Open source modular phone kit for ultimate customization

  • Open source modular phone kit
  • Great for makers (can use for Internet of Things)
  • The ultimate in customized phones

You can add a new case. You can change up your ringtone. You can set the picture on the lockscreen. You can even root or jailbreak your phone for more internal customization. But it ain't really going to change what you have there: a mass-produced piece of electronics.

Now, with the RePhone DIY Cell Phone Kit, you can build your phone from the ground up. It's an open source modular phone kit that you can use to provide the ultimate customized device or use to convert your plain old boring toilet (or whatever) into an Internet-Of-Things toilet. *cue angelic music*

The kit comes with almost all the parts you need to get going, including a RePhone Core Module GSM + BLE, an audio module, a 1.54'' touchscreen, a 520 mAh battery, and two precut kraft paper "cases" for you to create a phone in minutes. You'll need your own 2G Nano SIM card. But once you have one, you'll have your creation making and receiving calls, sending message, and playing music before you know it.

Product Specifications
  • RePhone DIY Cell Phone Kit
  • Open source modular phone kit
  • Great for makers and folks who are always customizing their phones
  • Includes
    • Xadow GSM+BLE
    • Xadow Audio
    • Xadow 1.54" Touchscreen
    • Xadow GSM Breakout
    • 5 FPC Cable 35 PIN
    • 1 Battery 520mAh
    • 10 Rivets 2032
    • 16 Rivets 2040
    • 8 Rivets 3035
    • 2 Kraft Paper Blanks
    • 1 User Guide
  • Xadow GSM+BLE specs:
    • Microcontroller: MT2502
    • MCU Core: 32-bit ARM7EJ-STM RISC processor
    • RAM: 4MB
    • Flash Memory:16MB
    • Power Supply: 3.3 – 4.2V
    • Quad-band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    • GPRS: Class 12 modem
    • Clock Speed: 260 MHz
    • Connector: 35 PIN Connector & 11 PIN Connector for Xadow
    • Interfaces: External ports for LCD, camera, I2C, SPI, UART, and GPIOs etc.
    • Dimension: 1" X 0.8"
  • Communication protocols: GSM, GPRS and Bluetooth (4.0 and 2.1 Dual mode)
  • Supports quad-band at 850/900/1800/1900MHz - connect onto any global GSM network with a 2G nano SIM card
  • For programmers:
    • Rich libraries hooking into Arduino IDE, Lua, and Javascript
    • SDK based on Eclipse IDE for C/C++ developers
    • Easy integration with IFTTT

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