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Captain Jules WreckTangles

This product is no longer available

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Give your brain a stretch

  • Choose one of eight confounding puzzles
  • Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty levels
  • Includes puzzle, stand, and solution

Allow Captain Jules to introduce to you his WreckTangles. These metal disentanglement puzzles are guaranteed to make the steam come out your ears. Similar to parlor games of yore, these will transport you back to a time before screens when conundrums were solved with nothing but your hands and brainpower.

Choose one of eight different models. We have three puzzles of easy difficulty, Ladder, Claw, and Dagger, satisfying for a waiting room or a dinner table where someone's spending a few minutes. We have three of medium difficulty, Horseshoe, Blobular, and Diamond, good for family gatherings or school trips where you might be together for hours and can pass them around as you complete them. We have two of hard difficulty, Shoehorn and Whale. We keep ours on the living room table and work on them in our spare time.

These (mostly) brass and wood puzzles each come with a stand and, more importantly, a solution. Not that you'll need one. But, you know, just in case.
Product Specifications
  • Captain Jules WreckTangles
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive
  • Choose Ladder (Easy), Claw (Easy), Dagger (Easy), Horseshoe (Medium), Blobular (Medium), Diamond (Medium), Shoehorn (Hard), or Whale (Hard)
  • Confounding puzzles to challenge your hands and your brain
  • Materials: Metal and wood puzzles
  • Dimensions: 7" tall x 3½" wide x 1½" deep stand
  • Includes puzzle, stand, and solution
  • Ages 14+

Captain Jules WreckTangles Video:

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