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404 Not Found: The Oatmeal Adult Coloring Book

This product is no longer available

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What color is your parachuting mantis shrimp?

  • Get your crayons ready, kids
  • Hilarious but entirely kid-safe coloring book from The Oatmeal
  • We'll stop here. More tanks and whatnot.

The phrase "adult coloring book" makes us giggle. Because "adult" implies naughty bits, and we're still 13. Usually there's not a thing about "adult" coloring books that makes them inappropriate for kids. Trust the creator of The Oatmeal to use that to his advantage to corrupt the minds of the young.

Okay, no, he's not really. 404 Not Found is actually a tame version of the same sort of humor you'll find on The Oatmeal. It's the story of the search for a missing robot with fewer curse words than you've come to expect from Matthew Inman. (He also self-published a NSFW coloring book, the sort you'd expect from The Oatmeal, which we are not printing the name of here because it would upset our corporate overlords and also you don't need to know the name 'cause you can't get it if you didn't preorder it, so if you're just now finding out about it you're SOL. Kids, that stands for Shiny Online Llama. Why anyone would be upset to be SOL, we have no idea.) So yeah. Go ahead and order this still hilarious but entirely kid-safe coloring book from The Oatmeal.

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