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Star Trek Journals

These are your voyages...

  • Choose Captain's Log, Enterprise, or Spock
  • Embossed decoration on front and back of each
  • Gilt edging for classy notetaking

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These are your voyages...

There are two things Captain Kirk couldn't live without: his little black book and someplace to keep track of all his dates. What if he could do both with one little black book that's perfect for keeping his social schedule organized, like these Star Trek Journals?

These Star Trek Journals come in three flavors: Captain's Log, Enterprise, and Spock. Use yours to take meeting notes. Use them to keep a journal (today: grateful for tricorder, holodeck, and replicator). Or maybe you'll be like Kirk and use your Star Trek Journal to record all your star dates? Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves.

Product Specifications
  • Star Trek Journals
  • Officially-licensed Star Trek merchandise
  • Choose Captain's Log, Enterprise, or Spock
  • Embossed decoration on front and back of each
  • Black ribbon for holding your place
  • Full-color artwork on endpapers
  • Captain's Log
    • Cover: Command insignia with gold foil
    • Back: Property of U.S.S. Enterprise
    • Page Decoration: Lined with Captain's Log heading with Stardate field
    • Gilt Edges: Gold
    • Endpapers: Kirk in captain's chair + list of Captain's Log Entries and stardates
    • Spine: Gold Enterprise
  • Enterprise
    • Cover: The Enterprise-D
    • Back: Stylized starfield
    • Page Decoration: Lined with two columns with TNG combadge insignia in lower corners
    • Gilt Edges: Red
    • Endpapers: LCARS
    • Spine: Unmarked
  • Spock
    • Cover: Vulcan Salute in metallic blue foil
    • Back: Live Long and Prosper with IDIC symbol
    • Page Decoration: Graph paper with TOS science insignia in upper corners
    • Gilt Edges: Blue
    • Endpapers: Spock with phaser + Spock giving Vulcan salute
    • Spine: Blue foil TOS science insignia
  • Dimensions: 8¾" tall x 5¾" wide

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