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MTA Hairclip Multi-Tool

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

More Than Just a Hair Clip

  • Keeps the hair out of your eyes AND is a real multi-tool
  • Screwdriver, ruler, scraper, and many more tools
  • Choose your style and color: Original, Lady, or Blackfin

You know what's a frustrating trend? Pockets in clothing are disappearing in favor of "clean lines" and "something something about silhouettes." Sure sure, fashion designers - make stuff look good... but then tell us just where it is we're supposed to keep our multi-tools if you take away our pockets! (That's why ThinkGeek's apparel section always makes a point to call out when something has pockets, and how many. Because we love you. And pockets.)

No pocket, no problem! Well, at least not for this multi-tool. If you've got a little bit of hair to hold back, you've got a place to store your multi-tool. And don't think that just because it's little, or because it's a hair clip, that it doesn't pack a ton of tools. Tools like: a wrench, bottle opener, scraper, ruler, screwdriver, nail file, serrated knife, box opener, and a trolley coin (different models have different tools - see the Specs below). You can even get creative and find more uses for one, such as adding a wick and some wax to make a candle in a pinch. Oh, and they hold your hair out of your eyes, too. Did we mention that?

Product Specifications
  • MTA Hairclip Multi-Tool
  • 5 (or more) tools in a little hair clip, in your choice of style
  • Choose Original (stainless steel), Lady (hot pink), or Blackfin (black)
  • Perfect for the Lady MacGyver in your life
  • Original:
    • Stainless steel, 2 1/4" long
    • Includes tiny screwdriver, ruler, scraper, serrated knife, box opener, 5/6" (8mm) wrench, larger screwdriver, and trolley coin
  • Lady:
    • Hot pink, 2" long
    • Includes tiny screwdriver, ruler, scraper, bottle opener, and nail file
  • Blackfin:
    • Black, 2" long
    • Includes tiny screwdriver, ruler, scraper, serrated knife, box opener, bottle opener, and nail file
  • Materials: (Unidentified) metal and stainless steel

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