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The Dragon and Flagon

This product is no longer available

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Win by Smashing Heads In!

  • Action/movement programming mechanism
  • 3D tavern environment that's set up differently each time
  • Punch faces & smash chairs to become a hero!

The Dragon & Flagon. It's a tavern that's world-renown for a magical drink that can turn you into a hero! That drink is simply called "The Dragon," and a single sip can give you abilities beyond your wildest dreams.

There's only one problem. The tavern has just ONE drink left. What are you going to do about it?

Fight, of course!

The Dragon & Flagon lets you engage in a tavern brawl with 1-7 additional thirsty adventurers. Your goal is to be the one to drink deeply from the last remaining flagon. Each of you has a different set of powers and abilities, and you must plan your next moves carefully. Those moves may include smashing chairs, punching faces, swinging from the chandelier, casting spells, and knocking down your fellow drinkers.

The Dragon and Flagon is played in a 3D tavern environment that can be set up in a variety of different ways, which means you can have MANY bar fights that never get boring!

Product Specifications
  • The Dragon and Flagon
  • A bar room brawl in board game form
  • For 2-8 players
  • Ages 10+
  • Play Time: 60 minutes
  • Mechanic: Action/movement programming; simultaneous action selection; time track; valuable player powers
  • Includes
    • 1 Double-sided Game Board (Pirate Ship setup on back)
    • 4 wooden Barrels
    • 9 wooden Chairs
    • 12 wooden Mugs
    • 1 wooden Time Marker
    • 2 large Tables
    • 3 small Tables
    • 2 Rugs
    • 162 Character cards
    • 9 Character mats
    • 9 Character standees
    • 6 Treasure Chest standees
    • 16 Plastic bases
    • 70 Reputation tokens
    • 22 Status tokens
    • 9 Character tokens
    • 4 Game End tokens
    • 1 Dragon Flagon standee
    • 1 Plate of Cookies token
    • 1 Rulebook

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