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Sherlock: The Mind Palace Adult Coloring Book

This product is no longer available

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Artistic is the new brainy

  • Based on the hit BBC series
  • Over fifty illustrations straight from the episodes
  • Just add color and unlock the mysteries

This is my hard-drive, and it only makes sense to put things in there that are useful. Really useful.
- Sherlock, "The Great Game"
Everyone needs to unwind sometimes. John Watson has his blog. Sherlock has his violin and his experiments (the eyeballs are in the microwave for a reason, ok?). We've tried binging on British dramas and being all mysterious with our cheekbones and our collars turned up, but it just doesn't cut it. We need something to do with our

Enter Sherlock: The Mind Palace Adult Coloring Book. Sure, adult coloring books may be trending right now, but how many of them are filled with secrets? This is the first officially licensed coloring book from the hit BBC series Sherlock, and it lives up to its subject matter in every sense. Over fifty original illustrations by artist Mike Collins bring key scenes from the series to life - in black and white, of course. A vital clue from each episode is hidden in the intricate images, just waiting to be revealed with the addition of color. Grab a crayon, flex your creativity and unlock all the secrets of Sherlock's mind palace. You probably won't learn much about astronomy but you can certainly figure out how to color between the lines!

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