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Coffee Blocks Better Butter Coffee

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Taste the coffee. Love the coffee. Be the coffee.

  • One pouch makes a 10-12 oz. cup of coffee
  • Loaded with healthy fats for your thinky brain
  • Give your metabolism a jump start in the morning

Like a lot of people, we enjoy our daily cup of coffee. It puts the pep in our step to actually go out and be an adult, because, let's face it, being an adult is tiring. Coffee has so much potential though. It can be so much more than just a beverage to help you wake up and start the day. Coffee Blocks saw the potential and added in plenty of brain fuel by way of healthy, easily digestible fats that go straight to that big, beautiful brain of yours.

Coffee Blocks Better Butter Coffee adds in plenty of goodness that keeps you super focused. So much goodness, in fact, that you may not even need a breakfast! The added oils and egg keeps your tummy happy and the lightbulb in your brain turned on. You may be thinking to yourself - ThinkGeek, the added ingredients are right there. I can just do this on my own. To which we say - sure, if you have twenty extra minutes in the morning, you do you. Or you could sleep an extra twenty minutes and then open a pouch of goodness and add water. That extra sleep was all the convincing we needed. Just sayin'.

Product Specifications
  • Coffee Blocks Better Butter Coffee
  • Butter coffee all in one pouch... minus the water. You'll need to provide the water.
  • Each box has 8 pouches
  • Each pouch makes a 10-12 oz cup of butter coffee
  • Each pouch contains the following ingredients
    • Grass fed clarified butter
    • Organic virgin coconut oil
    • Organic vanilla extract
    • Organic egg yolk
    • Mycotoxin free coffee

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