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Battlefield™ 1 Frontline Pack

War pigeons not included

  • Previously exclusively available via EB Games Australia & New Zealand
  • Includes 6 class emblem pins, keychain, WWI dog tag, beanie, and card with code
  • Does not include the game


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War pigeons not included

You know how special editions of games come out in other regions, and you're all like, "Who do I know in Australia who can ship this to me?" You know who you know in Australia? Us.

Previously only available from EB Games Australia and New Zealand as the Battlefield™ 1: Supply Pack, the Battlefield™ 1 Frontline Pack is the North American/European version (minus Steelbook) available through exclusive partners including ThinkGeek. Get your Battlefield™ 1 Frontline Pack and be part of Battlefield!

Product Specifications
  • Battlefield™1 Frontline Pack
  • Officially-licensed Battlefield 1 merchandise
  • Includes
    • Class Emblem Pins (set of 6)
    • Tanker & Pilot Emblem Keychain
    • WWI Dog Tag
    • Beanie printed with the class emblems
    • Art card with a DLC code that will redeem a Battlefield™ 1 in-game dog tag for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Single-use DLC code expires December 21, 2017 and requires Battlefield™ 1 as an applicable platform (sold separately). In-game dog tag is exclusive for 59 days after Battlefield™ 1 launch.
  • Battlefield™ 1 game is rated “Mature” for ESRB
  • Does not include the game - Battlefield™ 1 base game is NOT included in Battlefield™ 1 Frontline Pack.

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