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Skeleton Hand Hearts Skirt

Wear Your Heart on Your Skirt

  • Red skirt has boney human hand-shaped hearts
  • Skirt features pockets
  • To hide your human phalanges in!


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Wear Your Heart on Your Skirt

You can make many wonderful things using just the shape of your hand. You can communicate (give someone a thumbs up, signal okay, flip the bird). You can entertain. Shadow puppets anyone? You can make a church, and a steeple, and open it up and see all the people! And you can make a heart. Not a human heart, persay, but the shape.

This flared red skirt features a heart-shaped pattern made out of human hand bones. Not seeing it? Take your hands and make them into "C" shapes. Touch the tips of your fingers together on top and the tips of the your thumbs together on bottom to form a circle, then point your thumbs down and rotate your fingers so your fingernails are touching, and you have a heart! With a 2-inch elastic waistband and convenient pockets, this fun anatomy-themed skirt will be a favorite of any science-lover with a sense of humor (and fashion!).

Product Specifications
  • Skeleton Hands Hearts Skirt
  • Features heart formed by the bones of the human hand
  • Fun gift for doctor, nurse, health care worker, or any lover of human anatomy
  • 2" tall elastic waistband
  • Side pockets
  • Materials: 100% organic cotton with eco-friendly organic dyes
  • Care Instructions: Machine washable
  • Preshrunk
  • Imported

Sizing Table

WaistUp to 25 in.25-28 in.28½-32 in.32½-36½ in.37-39 in.39½-41 in.41½-43 in.43½-45 in.
HipUp to 33½ in.33½-37 in.39-41 in.41½-45½ in.46-48 in.48½-51 in.52-54 in.54½-57 in.
Length20 in.20 in.20 in.21 in.21 in.21 in.22 in.22 in.

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