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Marvel Absolutely Everything You Need to Know

This product is no longer available

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The House of Ideas in the palm of your hand

  • Fast facts and strange tales from Marvel HQ
  • More info than a decrypted S.H.I.E.L.D. file
  • Ages 8-12... and up

Let's just admit it. None of us fully grasps the entirety of Marvel Comics. Its history, its characters - there is simply too much information for anyone to know completely. Decades of storylines intertwine like strands of Medusa's hair, and then THWOOM! Suddenly there's a Frog Thor ("Throg," natch) in the mix. You'd have to be Reed Richards to keep it all straight in your head... but he's a Marvel creation himself!

If the "House of Ideas" is vast enough to boggle the minds of even the most diehard fans, how can we hope to inspire and educate the next generation? That's where the new Marvel Absolutely Everything You Need to Know comes in handy. This nifty guide is packed with more factoids, bizarre tales and behind-the-scenes looks than there are shades of Hulks - and they all come straight from the Marvel HQ. From Captain America's weight to the speed of The Lizard's whiplash tail, this book is the perfect resource for introducing your child to the incredible, extraordinary, spectacular world of Marvel Comics - while teaching you a thing or two, also. For ages 8-12, but we're getting one for our copyteria, which is inhabited entirely by people 2-4 times that age.

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