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Arduino Project Handbook

This product is no longer available

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Hello Arduino World

  • Learn all about Arduino
  • For kids 10+
  • But we're getting one for ourselves to tinker with when we have a spare hour on the weekends

One of the problems with expansiveness of what you can do with Arduino is that it makes it hard to find a good place to start. The Arduino Project Handbook, appropriate for anyone age 10 or older, gives you that jumping-off spot. It'll walk you through 25 different projects with instructions, photographs, circuit diagrams, and code, and by the time you're through, you'll be confident enough to apply your newfound knowledge of microcontrollers on the fly.

Step-by-Step Projects
  1. Pushbutton-Controlled LED
  2. Light Dimmer
  3. Bar Graph
  4. Disco Strobe Light
  5. Plant Monitor
  6. Ghost Detector
  7. Arduino Melody
  8. Memory Game
  9. Secret Knock Lock
  10. Joystick-Controlled Laser
  11. Remote Control Servo
  12. LCD Screen Writer
  13. Weather Station
  14. Fortune Teller
  15. Reaction Timer Game
  16. Electronic Die
  17. Rocket Launcher
  18. Intruder Sensor
  19. Laser Trip Wire Alarm
  20. Sentry Gun
  21. Motion Sensor Alarm
  22. Keypad Entry System
  23. Wireless ID Card Entry System
  24. Rainbow Light Show
  25. Build Your Own Arduino

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