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Adventure Time Presents: The Music of Ooo - Exclusive Vinyl

This product is no longer available

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Come On Grab Your Friends

  • 38 tracks from Seasons 1 through 7
  • 3 ThinkGeek-exclusive colored vinyl versions available
  • Your choice of Finn, Me-Mow, or Tree Trunks

Bacon pancakes, makin' bacon pancakes. Take some bacon and I put it in a pancake. Bacon pancakes, that's what it's gonna make. Bacon pancaaaaake! Huh? Oh, sorry, didn't see you there. Were we supposed to be doing something? Oh, telling you about this awesomely mathematical Music of Ooo exclusive vinyl? Hold up a sec, gotta make sure our pancakes don't burn. You know, it was just impossible to write this without constantly stopping and singing. And eating.

The Music of Ooo, a brand new vinyl LP available to you in exclusive (as in, you can only get them here at ThinkGeek, friend) colored vinyl variants celebrating your choice of Finn, Me-Mow, or Tree Trunks. Or get all three and then get your DJing on, especially if you happen to have three arms to spin with. Featuring fan-favorite tunes from Seasons 1 through 7, including... you know what? The track listing is at the bottom. We typed it up just for you, so scroll down and check it out with your eyeballs.

Product Specifications
  • Adventure Time Presents: The Music of Ooo - Exclusive Vinyl
  • Officially-licensed Adventure Time collectibles
  • ThinkGeek-exclusive colored vinyl celebrating Adventure Time characters
  • Your choice of Finn, Me-Mow, or Tree Trunks
  • 38 total tracks
  • Yes, the theme song and "Bacon Pancakes" are on there
  • Scroll down for the full track listing, dude
  • Slipcover features song notes from Pat McHale and Rebecca Sugar about writing these mathematical tunes
Track Listing

A Side
  1. Adventure Time Theme Song
  2. Baby
  3. Home Song
  4. Friends
  5. Susan Strong
  6. All Gummed Up Inside
  7. All Warmed Up Inside
  8. As a Tropical Island / On a Tropical Island
  9. Extremities Song (Balloon Music)
  10. Melons (I Was Wrong)
  11. My Best Friends in the World
  12. Oh Fionna
  13. Sleepy Puppies
  14. Dream of Love
  15. Let Me Show You Something Special
  16. Oh Bubblegum
  17. Bad Little Boy
  18. Good Little Girl
Flip it to the B Side for
  1. I Just Can't Get Over You
  2. Have You Ever Had a Friend
  3. Lemonhope's Got Feet
  4. Lemonhope's Song
  5. Rap Bear & Finn's Rap
  6. A Kingdom from a Spark
  7. Baby's Building a Tower into Space
  8. Everything's Falling into Place
  9. Food Chain Song
  10. Little Brothers
  11. Lost in the Darkness
  12. Money
  13. Prismo's Ritual
  14. That's All I Need
  15. We're Plants
  16. Year, Girl It Stinks
  17. Everything Stays (Young Marceline & Mom)
  18. Candy Kingdom (Bonus)
  19. Everything Stays

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