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KLAX Multi-Tool Axe Head

This product is no longer available

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It sleeps all night, and it works all day

  • A multi-tool that comes as an axe head
  • Comes with Imperial measurements (no stinkin' metric system for us!)
  • Includes an axe blade, a knife blade, a hammer head, a gut hook, a hex wrench, a bottle opener, and a ruler

When we say the word "multi-tool," what image do you get in your head? Perhaps that not-to-be-named brand with the red shield and the white cross? Pocket knives? Screwdrivers? Bottle openers?

Whatever you see, an axe is probably not your first mental image, but we're aiming to change that with the KLAX Multi-Tool Axe Head. The Lumberjack model is an axe blade, a knife blade, a hammer head, a gut hook, a hex wrench, a bottle opener, and an Imperial ruler. Its lack of a handle makes it infinitely more portable. But you can fix that super-quick when you need one by using the KLAX itself. Hew yourself one: the axe head clamps onto the wood instead of the other way around like most axes, which allows you to create a handle on the fly.

Note: You don't want to use this to split a cord of wood for the winter. Presumably, you've already got an axe for that. You want this as an emergency tool for when you need some branches for the campfire or an overnight lean-to. Or, you know, zombies. Think of it as a hatchet, and we're good to go.

Product Specifications
  • KLAX Multi-Tool Axe Head
  • The hex wrench set and ruler are given in Imperial units (not metric)
  • Includes:
    • Stainless steel axe blade
    • Patent-pending camping system
    • Ulu knife blade
    • Knife blade
    • Hammer head
    • Cutting/gut hook
    • Hex wrench set
    • 1/4" hex bit driver socket
    • Bottle opener
    • Lanyard hole
    • Carabineer
    • Ruler
  • Materials: SUS420 stainless steel blade
  • Hardness: 48-52 HRc
  • Dimensions: 6.5" long x 3.7" height x 0.3" wide at the front - 0.5" wide at the back
  • Blade Length: 1.7"
  • Weight: 14.4 oz.
  • Includes KLAX axe head and ballistic nylon sheath
  • Does not include handle

PRODUCT DISCLAIMER:  These products are not intended for any unlawful purpose as defined by applicable local, county, state, and federal laws.  By agreeing herein, purchaser acknowledges that he/she is 18 years of age or older. Purchaser also acknowledges that he/she is permitted to purchase this product pursuant to his local, county, state, and federal laws.

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