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Joker Never-Ending Birthday Card

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Say Happy Birthday again and again

  • One press of a button releases hours of music
  • A second press of the button makes the music louder
  • Every card comes set to "safe" mode

Everybody gets one special day a year, a day where you're the star of the show. Your birthday! (Timmy wanted you to know that his is August 13th, and he likes banana bread.) That day is all about you! You are great! You are special! You were born! But some people are a little more attention-seeking than others.

Now you can get your attention-seeking friend this grenade of a birthday card that will shower them with hours of Happy Birthday attention, even when you can't be there to do it in person (actually, "especially" is the correct adverb in this case). Grab one of these Joker Happy Birthday cards, write a message, and deliver it. Once your recipient presses the indicated space, an annoying elevator-music version of the Happy Birthday song will play for the next three hours. That's right! THREE HOURS. Lucky for you, an included tab allows you (the joker) to safely sample the music, open the card, and write your message. Once the tab is removed, it's like pulling a pin on a grenade. Take cover! Or at least bring earplugs.

Product Specifications
  • Joker Happy Birthday card
  • Plays sound non-stop (open or closed!) for THREE HOURS!
  • Water resistant!
  • Happy Birthday card reads "Happy Birthday forever..." and plays an upbeat, annoying version of the Happy Birthday song
  • Joker Card will not stop until the battery dies or your victim destroys it
  • If your recipient presses the indicated space again, the card gets just a little bit louder
  • Great birthday card for anyone who can take a joke
  • Card has a safe mode that allows you to sample the music and write a message

Joker Never-Ending Birthday Card Video:

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