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D20 String Lights

Points of Light

  • 9 foot long string of 10 red d20 lights
  • You know where these would look great? The gazebo.
  • A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive

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Points of Light

Playing tabletop games is about the game, sure, but it's really more about the experience of gaming. Being part of a group, playing, laughing, and hanging out together. If your players celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and whatnot together, these d20 String Lights will bring critical success to your party's party.

This 9 foot long string of 10 red d20 lights will set the atmosphere for your next campaign. String a few together to liven up your Christmas tree. ("Liven up" as in "make more festive," not as in Treant. Moving on.) You can set them to stay on or to flash, and each d20 pops off so the bulb is replaceable. They work indoors or out (and even in the underdark), but they're not effective in areas of magical darkness.

Product Specifications
  • D20 String Lights (exclusive)
  • A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive
  • 9 foot long string of 10 red d20 lights
  • For when your party has a party
  • Perfect for lighting your TPK, dungeonmaster
  • Choose solid on or flashing lights
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Dimensions: 9 ft. string length, each d20 is 2" tall
  • Plug: 120V 60Hz 0.08A 9.6W Type A with two equal-sized pins
  • Includes string of lights, 4 12V 0.96 watt replacement bulbs, 1 bulb to switch the string to flashing, and 1 3A 125V replacement fuse (so don't string more than 3 together)
  • Ages 14+

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