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Star Wars Rogue One Posters

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

A Fandom Built on Hope

  • Fear the Sith.
  • Find the plans.
  • Cover your wall.

These posters give you lots of options for showing off your Rogue One: A Star Wars Story fandom.

Kylo Ren will be your new best friend when you have a poster of his beloved Sith grandfather hanging over your Star Wars shrine.

The plans to the Death Star not only show you the location of the main reactor; they can also be folded to hide in the folds of your robe, or in very large hair buns. (Do not insert into an R-2 unit. Doing so may cause flames. Big flames.)

The K-2SO droid is the "Droid" you're looking for. However, the super-tall droid has no way of knowing you're looking for him, because the Rebel alliance wiped his memory. Then they gave him Alan Tudyk's voice. If you love the Rebel Alliance, and hate the Anglo-Sino Alliance, you need the K-2SO poster on your wall.

If you're a sharp-eyed Bothan spy, you'll notice that the AT-AT in the "Banner" poster is a different model AT-AT than we saw in "The Empire Strikes Back." The Rogue One version has thinner armor, a more exposed cockpit, and a prominent side-hatch. You can explain all the benefits of the vintage AT-ATs to your friends with this detailed rendering.

Finally, the "Group" poster shows the first collection of scrappy rebels in the Star Wars universe that have no Force-sensitivities whatsoever. They only have two things to help them: their skills and each other. Together, they're going to face the darkest trial of their lives: acting in a movie that legions of Star Wars fans will critique, pick apart, and dissect, one piece at a time.

Product Specifications
  • Star Wars Rogue One Posters
  • Officially-licensed Rogue One: A Star Wars Story merchandise
  • Five different Star Wars Rogue One Posters: Banner, Droid, Group, Plans, and Sith Lord
  • Spoiler alert: Perfect for covering the hole you punched in the wall when you discovered that Luke Skywalker did not have a single line in Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Display Dimensions: 22" x 34"
  • Rolled Dimensions: 23" x 1 1/4"
  • Do not insert "plans" into an R-2 unit!

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