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Steven Universe Monopoly

This product is no longer available

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We'll always find a way... to win!

  • A fusion of Steven and Monopoly. Stevopoly.
  • Buy, sell and trade all of Beach City
  • Six collectible player tokens inspired by the series

Have you ever loved something so much you just wanted to buy it all up? Like Beach City, from Steven Universe. A quaint seaside town, with a boardwalk and a car wash and a temple and a donut shop and WE WANT TO OWN ALL OF IT. Especially Big Donut, to be honest. Mostly to annoy Lars. And finally our chance to become hot-shot donut purveyors is upon us, now that Steven Universe Monopoly has arrived!

Based on the Cartoon Network series, this game is a fusion of classic Monopoly gameplay and Crystal Gem adventure. We'll call it… Stevopoly. Monopoleven? Choose from six collectible metal player tokens (we call dibs on Greg's Van!) and set out to buy up your favorite Beach City haunts. Instead of houses or hotels, you can add Gems or Gem Clusters to your properties. Garnet looks like a hundred bucks on the custom Crystal Gem-themed money. We're not saying you should make it rain Stevens... but we're definitely saying you could. If you wanted. While singing the theme song. Which we clearly have never ever ever done. Never.

Product Specifications

  • Steven Universe Monopoly
  • Officially-licensed Steven Universe merchandise by USAopoly
  • 2-6 players
  • Includes 6 collectible metal player tokens: Peridot's Boot, Garnet's
  • Gauntlet, Roaming Eye, Ukelele, Greg's Van, and Lion
  • Custom game board features Beach City locales... for a price
  • Crystal Gem-themed cash money, honey!
  • Gems and Gem Clusters replace the houses and hotels
  • Dimensions: 1 standard Monopoly unit
  • Ages 8+ (small parts included)

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