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Torque t103z Customizable Headphones - Exclusive

Listen better

  • Don't just customize your fit
  • Customize your listening experience, too
  • Includes 3 TorqueValves: Reference, Deep, and Clear

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Listen better

Remember when earbuds were the new hotness? Everybody looked all cool with their buds in, jamming to their favorite tunes, and crying on the inside because those hard plastic earbuds HURT, dangit. Unless you were blessed with earbud-shaped ear holes, earbuds are just plain uncomfortable. The pendulum swung back to full headphones for "real" audiophiles. Was there a happy middle ground? Turns out, yes.

Torque t103z Customizable Headphones are comfortable (they come with 4 sizes of ergonomic silicone ear tips for maximum comfort with passive noise reduction), but that's not why you want them. You want them because they allow you to customize your listening experience to make hearing itself more comfortable. Torque has developed a series of what they call TorqueValves™ which bring out different qualities in what you're listening to. The three valves that come with the headphones are the Reference (flat response), Deep (pumps up the bass), and Clear (accentuates higher frequencies). Ready for your workout? Pop in the Deep valves. Listening to a podcast at lunch? Go for the Clear. Don't just listen. Listen better.

Product Specifications
  • Torque t103z Customizable Headphones
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive - these used to be widely available, but the vendor's now locked them down to just us
  • Includes 3 color-coded TorqueValves™
    • Reference valve (red, best with jazz)
    • Deep valve (yellow, best with hip-hop and pop)
    • Clear valve (black, best with rock, jazz, classical, and spoken word)
  • Driver: 10mm dynamic Neodymium
  • Sensitivity: 114dB SPL/mW @1kHz
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz - 20KHz
  • Isolation: up to 35 dB
  • Inline microphone and iOS remote
  • 4 sizes of ergonomic silicone ear tips for maximum comfort with passive noise reduction
  • Materials: Double-injection silicone ear tips + machined brass & aluminum housing + thermoplastic polyurethane casing where the earbud meets the cord for cable strain relief
  • Dimensions: 47" long
  • Includes earbuds, 4 pairs of silicone ear tips, 3 TorqueValves, CNC machined aluminum TorqueValet with built-in wrench, and case

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