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Champions of Midgard

This product is no longer available

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Blaze of glory

  • Gather all the glory
  • And be recognized as a champion of Midgard
  • Note: Does not require horned helmets but should

If you're looking forward to Ubisoft's upcoming Viking epic For Honor, Champions of Midgard can tide you over until it comes out. Champions of Midgard combines worker placement with battle mechanics to bring about a kind of hybrid board game genre.

In Champions of Midgard, you play as a Viking leader, choosing to defend locally against trolls and draugr or have your warriors sail across the sea to fight mythical beasts. It's all about the glory. The more epic your victory, the more glory you'll end up with at the end of eight turns. Just make sure you don't have blame to go with it; that'll take your glory away. There's only one required component missing from this game: silly plastic horned helmets. Yes, we know they probably didn't wear them (definitely not the plastic kind). Wait. There are light-up LED horned helmets?! Excuse us while we go get our Viking rave instead of raid on. Oontz oontz....

Product Specifications
  • Champions of Midgard
  • (The board game formerly known as Defenders of Nidaros)
  • Taking on the roles of competing Viking leaders, players hunt trolls, battle draugr, and slay mythical Norse beasts in a quest for glory
  • The player who has earned the most glory at the end of the game earns the title of Jarl and is recognized as a champion of Midgard
  • For 2-4 players
  • Ages 10+
  • Play time: 60-90 minutes
  • Mechanic: Dice rolling, set collection, and worker placement
  • Includes:
    • 1 game board
    • 5 Viking leader boards
    • 8 market stall tiles
    • 20 worker meeples
    • 1 round marker
    • 1 start player marker
    • 1 small public longship
    • 4 private longships
    • 1 large public longship
    • 8 player color markers
    • 8 merchant ship cards
    • 10 rune cards
    • 18 journey cards
    • 36 monster cards
    • 12 destiny cards
    • 16 troll cards
    • 21 draugr cards
    • 20 wood cubes
    • 30 food cubes
    • 34 Viking warrior dice
      • 12 swordsmen (white)
      • 12 spearmen (red)
      • 10 axemen (black)
    • 60 coins
    • 3 damage tokens
    • 54 favor tokens
    • 28 blame tokens
  • WARNING - SMALL PARTS - Not intended for children under 3 years of age.

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