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How do cattle futures look today?

  • For 1-4 players, ages 10 and up
  • A fast game with simple rules that's easy to learn, but hard to master
  • Supply and demand on a tiny scale

Supply and demand. We are intimately familiar with the vagaries of this market phenomenon here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ. When the Death Star Waffle Maker is the darling of the media outlets, you'd better have more of them than the number of people who eat waffles on a regular basis. And when nobody wants your R.O.U.S. plush you're going to be sorry you have so many sitting at the warehouse. ("Have you seen the size of the rats at the warehouse?")

In Harbour, the objective of the game is to be the player with the most points at the end of the turn after the first player buys his or her fourth building. Most of your points come from the values of your buildings, which you buy with shipments of stone, cattle, lumber, and fish, each of which varies in market value during the game based on supply and demand. Sending your worker to different buildings each turn gains or costs you various resources. Like Monopoly, if you send your worker to another player's building, it'll cost you. And your particular situation may be altered by your player character card. Basically, it's a fast game with simple rules that's easy to learn, but hard to master because of how the details alter each game.

Product Specifications
  • Harbour
  • For 1-4 players
  • Ages 10+
  • Play time: 30-60 minutes
  • Mechanic: Set collection, worker placement
  • Includes:
    • 36 building cards
    • 20 wooden goods tokens (4 for each player, plus one set for the Market Board)
    • 14 player character cards
      • Diplomat
      • Bookkeeper
      • Clockwork Tradesman
      • Entrepreneur
      • Structural Engineer
      • Efficiency Expert
      • Drover
      • Dockhand
      • Alchemist
      • Travel Agent
      • Neighbor
      • Penny Pincher
      • Mayor
      • Investor
    • 4 wooden player pawns
    • 1 Market Board
  • WARNING - SMALL PARTS - Not intended for children under 3 years of age.

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