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The Hydra Tech Bottle - A Ridiculous Amount of Functions

Hail Feature Bloat

  • 20-ounce BPA-free water bottle with lots o' features
  • So many features we can't possibly list them all here
  • Seriously, we tried and they didn't even start to fit


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Hail Feature Bloat

What does your current water bottle do for you - hold water? Maybe you found one that has a few LEDs to make it into a lantern, as well. BIG DEAL. If your water bottle doesn't have a premium 5W Bluetooth® speaker, hands-free speakerphone, FM radio, 4000 mAh power bank, RGB LED lights with three color modes, hidden storage, a carabiner with bottle opener, and a free app, then you're just... drinking water.

Fine, we'll admit it: at first, the Hydra Tech Bottle just seems like the newest evolution of insane feature creep. But on closer inspection, every single feature is something we want in a portable device. Designed for increased safety for bicyclists (because headphones on a bike are super unsafe, and a red LED flasher is huge in an emergency), everything about the Hydra is part of a clever design for fun and safety - on two wheels, four wheels, two legs, four legs, anywhere from a hammock on the beach to a night in an ice hotel, or even just by the bedside at home.

Product Specifications
  • The Hydra Tech Bottle - A Ridiculous Amount of Functions
  • 20 ounce BPA-free water bottle packed with features
  • Choose Black, Blue, Grey, or Red
  • Features (prepare yourself):
    • Premium 5W Bluetooth® 2.1 speaker
    • micro-USB input
    • FM Radio
    • Speakerphone and microphone for hands-free calling
    • Also has a standard 3.5mm jack if you don't want to go wireless
    • 4000mAh power bank (5V2A max output)
    • Rubber sound-transferring speaker feet for more bass
    • Red LED flashing emergency light
    • White LED lantern
    • RGB LED party cycle
    • Hidden compartment for keys and cash
    • Carabiner with bottle opener
    • Retractable drinking spout with straw extension
    • Free app for iOS and Android with white noise modes, lighting modes, timer
    • Battery indicator
    • Connection indicator
    • Splash resistant
    • Metal grille
    • Easy grip
    • Charging cables included
  • Capacity:
    • 20 oz. liquid
    • 4000mAh power bank
  • Weight: 17 oz. (without liquid)

The Hydra Tech Bottle - A Ridiculous Amount of Functions Video:

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