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The Vintage Nixie Tube Clock

This product is no longer available

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Now available at Fontaine's Department Store

  • Beautiful Art-Deco-inspired enclosure
  • 12H time, 24H time, and ambient temperature
  • Handmade - takes 30 hours to make

If Batman: The Animated Series was your aesthetic or you wish your mailing address was Bioshock's Rapture (only with fewer Splicers and less dystopia), this is your clock. It takes something old and encases it in something even older. The Nixie tubes in these clocks are at least 30 years old, albeit unused. They were found in storage in Eastern Europe. So Nuvitron decided to put them in something worthy of their retro beauty - this Art Deco wooden clock casing.

Each Vintage Nixie Tube Clock is handmade and takes more than 30 hours to fashion out of teak and cedar. Each is rubbed with linseed oil instead of a polyurethane so the wood can breathe. The amber of the Nixie tubes against the wood of the clock makes for an enchanting warm glow. It's a perfect tribute to a bygone era.
Product Specifications 
  • The Vintage Nixie Tube Clock
  • Beautiful Art-Deco-inspired enclosure
  • Four modes: 12H time, 24H time, and ambient temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • New Nixie tubes from old stock
  • Tubes were designed for 10000 hours of continuous use
  • The manufacturer designed this clock below the tubes' operation point to ensure performance and longevity
  • And if a tube burns out, you can replace it with an IN-12 (as long as you have basic soldering skills)
  • As the time updates, the Nixie tubes cycle
  • Serial number on back
  • Materials: Teak and cedar with linseed oil
  • Care Instructions: Avoid direct sunlight. Use a damp cloth to remove dust.
  • Dimensions: 7.8" wide x 4.5" high x 3.8" deep
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Input: 110V and 220V in 50/60Hz
  • Includes clock, power adapter, and a certificate of authenticity
  • Handmade - takes 30 hours to make

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