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3Doodler Create 3D Printing Pen

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Let your doodles jump off the page

  • Just draw in the air and you'll be printing with plastic
  • Build anything your mind can make your hands draw
  • Draw, design, fabricate, dream, conquer - you can do anything with a 3Doodler

Drawing is a fun way to make art. But when you use pens to draw, it's so two-dimensional. Time to take your art to the next level with the 3Doodler Create. This is one of the coolest inventions to ever be invented. And you'll think so, too. The first time you draw (i.e., print) a line going straight up into the air and watch it not fall back down, you'll experience a thrill that can only be described as awesome. But how is this magic possible? Read on, and fall in love with your next "favorite new toy."

Plug in your 3Doodler Create and give it about a minute to warm up. Then insert a strand of plastic into the back. There are two buttons and two speeds. Press the speed of your choice, and watch the plastic flow out of the 3Doodler Create. And then you just draw and connect and fill in and make magic happen. You're too talented to just draw in two dimensions - kick it to the next level with the 3Doodler Create.

But ThinkGeek, which plastic do I use, ABS or PLA? Both are good choices, as both have special features. ABS is mainly for building flexible 3D structures, while PLA is great for doodling on glass or windows (i.e., it's stickier than ABS) and can be semi-transparent.

Product Specifications
  • 3Doodler Create (3.0)
  • Extrudes heated plastic that cools almost instantly into a solid, stable structure
  • Draw with plastic with this handheld 3D printing pen
  • Ambient light bar indicates when it's on
  • Transparent side panel lets you watch it work
  • New faster, smoother, and more reliable drive system
  • 2 speeds and 2 temperature settings
  • Compatible with plastic from original and 2.0 version
  • For both right and left hand use
  • Includes 3Doodler Create Pen, 2 packs of plastic (25 ABS strands, 25 PLA strands), power adapter, unblocking tool, nozzle removal tool, mini screwdriver, quick start guide, and user guide
  • Ages 14+

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