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Winged Gladiator Sandals - Exclusive

Hot wings, perfect for the summer months

  • Choose Black or Holographic
  • Available in US ladies' whole sizes 5-11
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive!

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Hot wings, perfect for the summer months

It's been a long time since you've had a vocabulary quiz, right? Here's a new word for you: talaria. Etymologically, it literally means anklethings. But apparently in ancient times there was only one time when you needed to talk about anklethings: when discussing Hermes or Mercury, depending on your native land, so "talaria" became the word for the god's winged sandals. And it still is today.

Get your own pair of talaria, guaranteed to help you defeat Medusa.* These Winged Gladiator Sandals were specially made for us by our friends at Iron Fist, and they're a ThinkGeek exclusive. They come in both black and holographic and are 100% vegan. (Made from PU, not vegans.) These gladiator sandals feature a removable wing laced into the top 3 eyelets of the outer side of the pair, so when you stand with your feet together, it looks like your feet have sprouted tiny wings. Just don't let anybody send you on a floral delivery, k?

* Note from ThinkGeek's Legal team: Not actually guaranteed to help you defeat Medusa.

Product Specifications
  • Winged Gladiator Sandals
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive
  • From Iron Fist
  • Choose Black or Holographic
  • Available in US ladies' whole sizes 5-11
  • The wings can be bats, dragons, or your mythical beast of choice
  • Great for ancient god cosplay or floral delivery
  • Also good if you need to kill a Gorgon
  • Removable wing laced into the top 3 eyelets - one on each sandal
  • (Which means these can be plain sandals, and also that you can add wings to any of your other shoes that lace)
  • Black wings are matte black on the front and pewter on the reverse
  • Holographic wings are holographic on the front and matte black on the reverse
  • Materials: PU (Vegan leather)
  • Imported

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