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Damascus Letter Opener

This product is no longer available

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A letter opener fit for your inner warrior

  • Clip point-style blade
  • Damascus steel forged from 300 layers of both tool and ball bearing steel
  • Entirely handmade

Stop using a butter knife or one of those cheesy neon-colored office mart widgets to open up your snail mail. You're better than that. Get one of these slick paper-slaying blades and open your mail with 100% envelope-annihilating warrior-tude!

This Damascus Letter Opener features a dynamic recurved tanto-style blade. Made entirely by hand, the Damascus steel has been forged from 300 layers of both tool and ball bearing steel. Then a special etching process brings out the gorgeous whorls of competing steel in the pattern. Envelopes stand no chance against you now that you're armed with the Damascus Letter Opener. They will simply fold like the meek harbingers of injustice (read: bills and jury duty summonses) you've always known them to be.

Product Specifications
  • Damascus Letter Opener
  • Dynamic recurved tanto-style blade
  • Leopard Damascus steel is forged from the barrel of the battle tank Leopard
  • Special etching procedure defines the Damascus pattern
  • Decorative file work on the back
  • Materials: Damascus steel forged from 300 layers of both tool and ball bearing steel
  • Care Instructions: Use a knife sharpener to sharpen the blade. Use oil to clean the blade.
  • Overall Length: 6 1/2"
  • Blade Length: 4"
  • Weight: 1.4 oz.
  • Entirely handmade

PRODUCT DISCLAIMER:  These products are not intended for any unlawful purpose as defined by applicable local, county, state, and federal laws.  By agreeing herein, purchaser acknowledges that he/she is 18 years of age or older. Purchaser also acknowledges that he/she is permitted to purchase this product pursuant to his local, county, state, and federal laws.

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