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Varmilo Wireless Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

This product is no longer available

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Click bait

  • Choose Office Edition or Typist Edition
  • Office Edition comes with white backlights and brown switches
  • Typist Edition comes with blue backlights and blue switches

How many hours a day do you spend in front of a keyboard? 4 hours? 6 hours? 8? What's the brand of your keyboard? Wait. Let us guess. Is it Whatever Came with the Computer, Inc.? Or Leftover From the Last Guy Corporate Laid Off, Inc.? Yeah, see, for a tool that's absolutely crucial to what you do, the input devices are frequently an afterthought. As long as the keyboard has all the right letters, we're good to go.

Have more input into your input with these Varmilo Wireless Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboards. Compatible with devices running Bluetooth® 4.0 LE, you can pair it with your laptop, desktop, tablet, and/or phone. Choose Office Edition or Typist Edition. Our new electronics buyer says he picked up each of them with a specific use-case in mind:
The Typist Edition comes with blue backlights (for calming effect) and key switches that are both tactile and easy to press with a louder clicking noise.
The Office edition comes with white backlights (for quick visibility and reduced eye strain) and key switches that are still tactile and easy to press, but do not have the same clicking noise to prevent coworkers from going insane.
And that's thoughtful of him. Especially since we're his coworkers.

Product Specifications
  • Varmilo Wireless Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard
  • Choose Office Edition or Typist Edition
  • Office Edition comes with white backlights and brown switches
  • Typist Edition comes with blue backlights and blue switches
  • Compatible with Windows 8, Windows 10, MAC OS X, iOS 6.0+, and Android 4.4+
  • Note: Your device must be running Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy (you can purchase a cheap USB adapter for your computer if it's not)
  • Nordic nRF51822 BLE 4.0 chip
  • Wireless Range: 33 ft.
  • Grey PBT plastic keycaps with white lettering on the front face of the keys
  • TKL (Tenkeyless) layout
  • 6-key rollover
  • Plate-mounted Gateron switches
  • Batteries: 1200mAh (3.7V) lithium-ion rechargeable (one charge will last over 400 hours without backlighting)
  • Charge via included mini-USB to USB cable
  • Dimensions: 14" across x 5 1/8 deep x 1 1/2" tall, 6 ft. charging cable
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Includes keyboard, mini-USB to USB charging cable, and a keycap puller
  • WIN system under FN functions:
    • FN + F1: Brightness -
    • FN + F2: brightness +
    • FN + F3: Search
    • FN + F7 ~ F12: multimedia shortcut keys
    • FN + Insert: Power
    • FN + Delete: clear all memory of Bluetooth devices
    • FN + Ctrl (Right): Application Key
    • FN + : increase the brightness of the keyboard
    • FN + : lower keyboard brightness
    • FN + : disconnect the current Bluetooth link, enter pairing mode search
    • FN + WIN (short press): shielded WIN key
    • FN + WIN (press 3 seconds): Left WIN key and FN swap
    • FN + Left Ctrl (press 3 seconds): Ctrl key exchange with Caplock
  • Multimedia Function Keys
    • Fn + F7 Mute
    • Fn + F8 Volume Up
    • Fn + F9 Volume Down
    • Fn + F10 Pause, Play
    • Fn + F11 on a
    • Fn + F12 under a
  • Mobile Device Connectivity:
    • Android / IOS ESC function / FN + associated function keys
    • FN function FN + F1 brightness - (ios 8.0 effective)
    • FN + F2 brightness + (ios 8.0 effective)
    • FN + F3 Search
    • FN + F4 browser
    • FN + F5 keyboard
    • FN + F6 on a
    • FN + F7 pause
    • FN + F8 under a
    • FN + F9 mute
    • FN + F10 Volume +
    • FN + F11 Volume -
    • FN + F12 lock screen

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